Great First "unoffical" Day!

What a Fun Day!  We did a great job learning how to follow a schedule and some classroom rules.  We did 5 Little Pumpkins sitting on a Gate.  We made some pumpkin orange and monster green play dough, and then made Jack-o-Lanterns out of our orange play dough.  We did a little painting, a little reading and a whole lot of playing!  Thanks Boys for a great day!!

Wow… what a difference a few months makes!!


Front Entrance/Kitchen Before


Front Entrance/Kitchen Now



Classroom Before


Classroom Now


Quiet Room Before


Quiet Room Now


Art Center Before


Art Center Now


Gross Motor Room Before


Gross Motor Room Now

I couldn’t have done this without all the wonderful help and support I have received.   The following have helped me either with time, money, donations, or all of the above:  Billy, David, Logan, Emilea, Samantha, Mom and Don, Jacob and Stephanie, Jincy and Joey, Robert and Wanda, Becky,  Jen, Catrina, Stacey, and my building owner Jim who just keeps surprising me!!  I am so Grateful to you all!!  Thank You So Much!!
I also couldn’t have done it without the wonderful people who I did hire, but they went above and beyond expectation getting things done as quick as possible, without sacrificing quality  Bobby Gourley, Truesdell Fence, Eagle Security, Kenny Carroll Excavating, and Jay from Cyborg Studios.  Thank You!!

Everyone Deserves An Emotional Breakdown… Right?

So, after a few days of doubting myself and asking why am I doing this? I thought it was time to remind myself.  This has been a frustrating week to say the least.  I feel like people lost faith in me,  I am on other people’s schedule and they don’t think it is near as important to get open as I do.  My husband is done with me for good reason, it is taking longer and costing more than we thought it would, and I forgot to dry the jeans… he had to wear dirty jeans to work.  My children have been neglected and I have fed them fast food so much that they told me they missed my cooking.  I have barely talked to my brother, mom, and Grandma Huggins in the last month, and I only texted my BFF to ask her for help on my website… Remind me again Why I’m doing this??

I’ve shed a lot of tears and did some soul searching!  It’s what I love!  It’s my passion! Nothing makes me happier!  Here is my story of How PLA Academy came to be:
I had my first son when I was 18, I don’t recommend starting a family at 18, but with the support of my family it worked for me.  I was still going to college and determined to be a teacher.  I had wanted to be a teacher since the 4th grade.  Mrs. Jones, my all time favorite teacher, was the reason I wanted to be a teacher.  Long story short, life got in the way of the teaching dream.  3 children by the time I was 21 and my goal seemed unreachable.  David was in 2nd grade, Logan in Kindergarten and Emilea was 3 and in Preschool.  I was reading the newsletter and it said they needed a Preschool teacher ASAP.  I contacted LaDonna that day, she hired me right away.  I was finally a teacher!  I never thought I would teach children that young, but I loved it!  And LaDonna was an amazing mentor.  I learned so much from her!  After 5 years at IWonderY I thought about opening my own preschool.  My Grandma even went to the bank with me and we were looking for a place.  I then got offered a Lead Teaching position at CLC, I was so excited and decided that experience was more important at that point.  The experience I got from CLC was invaluable!  Working side by side with wonderful teachers and therapist, amazing children with and without special needs, and awesome families!  I was there for 5 years, and this last year just seemed like it was time for me to move on.  I was taking care of my Grandma, who had cancer, and I had put in my letter of resignation to help take care of Grandma and go back to college.  One week into my two week notice we lost my Grandma.  Now I have no job and no Grandma to take care of.  My brother said what have you always wanted to do?  What’s your dream?  I started thinking about 5 years ago when my Grandma believed in me enough that she was willing to help me open my own preschool.  I was not ready then, but now I have 10 years of teaching experience and I got my CDA in 2011.  I love teaching children and can’t see myself doing anything else, and I really want to teach preschoolers!  Jacob, my brother, said Do It!  Don’t wait! Do It Now!  So that is why I am doing this: In Memory of my Grandma, support from my family and friends (even when I forget to dry the jeans), and my love and passion for shaping young minds!  Alright, I think I have talked myself into moving forward!  :o)