Wow… what a difference a few months makes!!


Front Entrance/Kitchen Before


Front Entrance/Kitchen Now



Classroom Before


Classroom Now


Quiet Room Before


Quiet Room Now


Art Center Before


Art Center Now


Gross Motor Room Before


Gross Motor Room Now

I couldn’t have done this without all the wonderful help and support I have received.   The following have helped me either with time, money, donations, or all of the above:  Billy, David, Logan, Emilea, Samantha, Mom and Don, Jacob and Stephanie, Jincy and Joey, Robert and Wanda, Becky,  Jen, Catrina, Stacey, and my building owner Jim who just keeps surprising me!!  I am so Grateful to you all!!  Thank You So Much!!
I also couldn’t have done it without the wonderful people who I did hire, but they went above and beyond expectation getting things done as quick as possible, without sacrificing quality  Bobby Gourley, Truesdell Fence, Eagle Security, Kenny Carroll Excavating, and Jay from Cyborg Studios.  Thank You!!

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