Our Biggest Day Yet!

We acted out the Gingerbread Man Story, well we tried to act out the Gingerbread Man, but it really ended up as a game of chase!  LOL  We made Cinnamon Applesauce Gingerbread Ornaments today.  They smell so yummy, but they would not taste so yummy!  You just mix equal amounts of applesauce and cinnamon.  I always end up adding a little flour to roll them out a little easier.  They had a lot of fun dumping, mixing, patting, and cutting out their Gingerbread Ornaments.  We had 8 kiddos today!  Our biggest day yet!  We even had to bring out another table because we outgrew one!  So exciting! Thank You All!  I am so lucky you have trusted us with your children :o)

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