Welcome Back!

What a great first day back!  We welcomed 3 new PLA friends today, well new to PLA but not new to me:o)  We had so much fun catching up with our friends.  That turned into a very long Christmas Break!  Have you ever wondered what snowmen do at night?  Well according to the book Snowmen at Night, they have snowball fights, drink cold cocoa, ice skate, and even go sledding.  I asked the children what their favorite thing to do in the snow was… P said “Sledding” N said “Skateboarding in the snow” F said “Snowboarding” R said “Throwing snowballs at mom and dad” L said “I made a big snowman and a giant snowball” El said “Sledding with L” T said “I slip” E said “Skating on the ice” Tr said “I built an igloo and a snowman.  I threw a snowball at daddy and daddy threw one back at me!”  We played in bowls of real snow and painted with snow paint.  I am so happy to be back, and I am pretty sure all of the kiddos were too!  I also want to say Thank You to L’s family for bringing in Breakfast for everyone this morning!!

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