Penguins and Polar Bears Oh My!

I’m a little penguin Black and White, I waddle to the Left and I waddle to the Right, I can’t fly but I can swim I waddle to the water and jump right in!  That is our song of the week, and it sticks in your head!  The children LOVE it!  To get up and go to Centers the children chose their favorite polar animal on a chart and wrote their name under the picture.  The arctic fox and the penguin had the most votes with 3 each.  We did a science experiment today called fizzy ice.  We added baking soda to a bowl of ice and the children used droppers to drop vinegar on the ice.  We also added watercolor to the vinegar to make it even more fun, and sprinkled some salt on the ice too.  It was pretty cool!!  The older children made polar books and read them with me, the younger children had the option to make one if they wanted too. One of our mommies joined us for breakfast and circle time today :o)

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