Insects in Winter

We read Not A Buzz to Be Found by Linda Glaser.  I love this book!  The pictures are awesome and it really held the children’s attention.  So where do all of the bugs go in the winter?  Some of them fly south for the winter like birds… some of them hibernate… some of them stay safe in their eggs until Spring.  We got messy with “dirt” finger paint and then drew tunnels for the ants to hide out in until Spring.  I also had the children who are still learning to write their name trace over the one I had written with a yellow marker.  They are getting so good at this!  Some of them are so close to writing it independently, and we have some that already are writing their names!!
REMINDER: Friday is Hibernation Day!  Send your child to school in their PJs and bring their favorite stuffed friend!

 E is pretty sure there are some insects hiding in here for the winter!  He found them as we were waiting for the bus!

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