Snowy Caves and Bats

At lunch today the children were showing off how much they learned this week to my mom, Miss Vicki.  They told her that bears hibernate in caves and they come out in the spring, but not polar bears!  Polar Bears like the snow.  They said that frogs go in the mud until spring.  And birds fly in the sky far far away until spring, and fish go down to the bottom of the lake when it is cold!  It always amazes me how much they pick up and how they recall the information is so fun to hear!  Most of that came from the song we are learning this week.  I will post it in the newsletter tomorrow :o)  We pretended we were hibernating bats in the motor room.  We made snowy caves and the children made their interpretation of a bear!  

REMINDER- Hibernation Day tomorrow!  Send the kiddos in their PJs with their favorite stuffed friend!

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