Happy Friday!

We are really loving this weather! The BIG blocks on the playground have been very popular this week. They took the cubes apart last Friday, and since then they have discovered a whole new way of playing with them. Today, we had a cage, a yellow school bus, a bed, a crib, a boat, and a house! I love to watch them work together, problem solve, and create. I really love it when they ask us to play with them! One of our kiddos brought a book to share with us at circle time. He did such an awesome job reading it to the class! We needed a sign for our Grocery Store so that is what the children worked on today. They decided it should be called PLA Grocery. I posted a picture of our sign at http://www.facebook.com/plaacademy
REMINDER: Field Trip Next Friday!!
Camdenton Preschool 2

Camdenton Preschool 4

Camdenton Preschool 5

Camdenton Preschool

Camdetnon Preschool 3

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