Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice!

Today was the perfect example of letting the children guide what we learn. Almost every single time we play with play dough the children will get the juicer out of the kitchen center make some oranges or limes and pretend to juice them. So as I was walking through Wal-Mart I see a juicer on sale for $.50 and I remember the children pretending to juice the play dough. I grab it and head over to the produce dept. I got a bag of big, beautiful, juicy orange for $7.00. This was the best $7.50 I ever spent. Rachel Ray says that if you roll your oranges, lemons, or limes before you juice them you will get more juice out of them. So as the children were waiting for their turn to use the juicer they rolled their oranges around on the table. They took turns juicing and they each got to drink the juice they made. They loved it! One of my favorite things we have done for sure! This one is a keeper and it all came from watching the children play with play dough! We also celebrated a Birthday today :o)








PLA Preschool 3

PLA Preschool 4

PLA Preschool

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