Ten Apples Up On Top

We read Ten Apples Up On Top! We tasted a red, yellow, and green apple and then wrote our name under the one we liked best. Red had the most votes this time. We looked at the star that the seeds create when you cut an apple in half, and we painted with the apple halves. They also drew a picture of themselves and used stamp pads to make fingerprint apples on their heads. After they were finished with their picture they counted the apples and told me how many apples they had on top. The children decided they would like to try and stack apples on their heads like in the book, some of them could do it! We have also been learning fun ways to exercise. Yesterday they played duck duck goose and today they played don’t let the balloon touch the ground.
Camdenton PreK

Camdenton Preschool (2)

Camdenton Preschool (3)

Camdenton Preschool 2

Camdenton Preschool 3

Camdenton Preschool 4

Camdenton Preschool

PLA Academy

PLA Preschool

Preschool Camdenton


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