Cat in the Hat

It was Cat in the Hat Day! We dressed in Red and White and wore Hats! We read the Cat in the Hat and tried balancing bowls and cups on our head. We used Red Play Dough to add strips to a Hat, and we thought that maybe the Cat was tired of his Red and White Striped Hat, so we designed some new hats! Here is one of the songs we are singing this week:

Do you know a cat?
(tune: Do Your Ears Hang Low?)
Do you know a cat,
In a very tall striped hat?
An umbrella on his arm,
He is always full of charm!
He is silly as can be,
If you meet him you will see.
Do you know this cat?

child care 3

Child Care Cadmenton4

Child Care Camdenton 2

Child Care Camdenton

Child Care4


PLA Academy (2)

PLA Academy (3)

PLA Academy Camdenton

PLA Academy

Child Care 4

Play Learn Achieve Academy
I love their Pattern Race Track!

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