We had a busy day! Miss Coli, from the Camdenton Library, made her monthly visit; We had a fire drill; learned about prisms and what makes a rainbow (ask your child about this tonight and see if they can remember what a prism is and the 2 things that are needed to form a rainbow); We played with our green play dough and added the colors of the rainbow pipe cleaners to use with it (and eyeballs, I’s request); We painted rainbows. The children also took an interest in paper airplanes because one of our friends brought in a stack of paper. Two of our boys helped me make gold rocks this morning, we were going to use it in our traps, but the Leprechaun tricked us and hid it all over our playground! We are loving the weather, and don’t like to hear the word snow and cold tomorrow… Boo!
Camdenton Child care

Camdenton Child Care2

Camdenton Child Care3

Camdenton Child Care4

Camdenton Child Care5

Camdenton Child Care6

Camdenton Child Care7

Camdenton Child Care8

Camdenton Child care9

Camdenton Child Care10

Camdenton Child Care11

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