Leprechaun Traps

Today we started working on our Leprechaun Traps and I wish I would have video taped all of it to share! I love the problem solving skills I heard being used today, the team work, and the idea throwing around. For sure one of my favorite activities to sit back, observe, and gather the occasional item needed for their trap. I was also in charge of the tape dispensing… because who has time for that when you have leprechauns to catch!
Camdenton PLA Academy2
“The Leprechaun will pull the string, because he likes to pull things down. After he pulls the string he will be trapped! The streamers will be the sidewalk, that will make sure he comes in!”
Camdenton PLA Academy8
“It’s going to be gold so he will want to go in and there is gold inside so he will want to stay! I made a gold sidewalk when he walks in snap like an alligator and he will be trapped!”
Camdenton PLA Academy7
“My trap is made of wood. The Leprechaun will pull this string and the trap will fall on him!”
Camdenton PLA Academy5
“Mine is going to be a Big Trap, the Leprechaun will get in right here!”
Camdenton PLA Academy6
“I will kick the stick down and catch him. I will use my binoculars to watch for him and then kick the stick down!”
Camdenton PLA Academy3
“I’m going to fish for the Leprechaun, and catch him with this gold!”
Camdenton PLA Academy4Camdenton PLA Academy9

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