Green Pepper Shamrocks and Traps Continued…

We put the finishing touches on our traps and got them set up ready to catch a leprechaun. We used shamrocks with the letter of our name on them to work on recognizing the letters in our name and putting them in order. We painted with green peppers to make shamrocks!
REMINDER: Wear Green on Monday!!

Camdenton Preschool
When asked how will you catch the Leprechaun E replied “I will do my Best!”

Camdenton Preschool2

Camdenton Preschool3

Camdenton Preschool4
“I think we need a tree trap! Leprechauns like to climb trees. I’m going to make a trap door and it will catch 3 Leprechauns!”

Camdenton Preschool5

Camdenton Preschool6

Camdenton Preschool7

Camdenton Preschool8

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