Spring – Clean up time

So glad it is the last official day of winter. I hope the weather agrees! Today we talked about what the weather is usually like in Summer, Winter, Spring, and Autumn… of course we do live in Missouri so we know the weather changes quickly around here! We worked on our names with the shamrocks again, naming the letters and trying to line them up in the correct order. During table time we had a picture starter with green lines at the bottom of the page, I was going for grass or flower stems. I didn’t give them any direction just gave them the paper with different kinds of paint. We got a rainbow, a flag, a bird, a horse, a man, and maybe one flower. I love how their minds think. We also played with our letter/number water table again.

We have been having trouble at clean up time lately. Mostly not wanting to stop playing and not wanting to put things where they belong. Today, the dress-up center was left with a big pile on the floor. So, the dress-up stuff got packed away for a day or two. We had a talk about being respectful of their things, taking care of their things, and putting them away where they belong so they can find them next time they want to play with them. I told them I don’t want them to put them away for me, I want them to put them away for them. This is THEIR classroom they should take pride in their things and WANT to put things where they belong. If you could talk about this at home this week too that would be awesome. This would be a great opportunity to talk about taking care of their rooms or toy rooms :o)



Who needs Paper when you have skin!
He asked for gray, I gave him black and white… he was pretty excited when he created gray!



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