Happy First Day of Spring!

When will it be Spring? was our book of the day. It is about a bear cub that keeps waking his mommy up from hibernation to ask if it is spring yet. She says not until you see butterflies, swallows fill the trees, bright sun, and the weather gets warmer. After the story the children pretended they were hibernating bears waking up for spring! We drew a picture of something outdoors and then added fingerprint rain drops. We also used our droppers to make it rain on an Easter Egg that we will hang on our Easter Tree. We built with blocks, played some games, and enjoyed the nice weather! Thank You Miss Vicki for coming in early today to play with us!
Camdenton Child Care

Camdenton Child Care2

Camdenton Child Care3

Camdenton Child Care4

Camdenton Child Care5

Camdenton Child Care6

Camdenton Child Care7

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