Spring-Fork Tulips

We have a reader! Thanks E for bringing in your Mom and a library book to read to us! Awesome Job! I’m always so impressed when we get a reader in preschool, and I take no credit! Yes, I would like to think I help lay the foundation to make it easier to learn how to read, but when we have a reader in PreK it is all credit to mom and dad!
Miss Brittany sat up an obstacle course for us to run during Music and Movement time. They had a lot of fun and ran off some energy. During craft time we did something we had never done before, painted with forks. Thanks Pinterest for the great ideas! This art activity turned out so cute and I was so impressed with their creations! Adorable Flower Art!!
A Look Ahead: Next Weeks Theme will be Transportation
REMINDER: Book Orders Due March 26

Camdenton PLA Academy 2

Camdenton PLA Academy 3

Camdenton PLA Academy 4

Camdenton PLA Academy








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