This week we will be talking about one of the children’s favorite subjects Transportation! Anything that drives, flies, or floats is what these kids LOVE! Today we sang The Wheels on the Bus and we read a book called The Wheels on the Truck. We did a group painting project with a drag strip, the children drove the car of their choice through paint and then down the drag strip. I love group painting projects because it requires them to share and work together. After they were done with the group project they could come to the table and make their own smaller version. After the painting was done we were left with a bunch of cars covered with paint, so we had a car wash!!
Camdenton Preschool 2

Camdenton Preschool 3

Camdenton Preschool 4

Camdenton Preschool 5

Camdenton Preschool 7

Camdenton Preschool 8

Camdenton Preschool

Camdenton Prescool 6

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