Boats, Boats, and More Boats!

During Circle Time we had a discussion about boats. We talked about who had been on a boat, and what they did on the boat. We also talked about different types of boats. One of our children had even been on a Dolphin Cruise! That is one of my favorite boat rides! We learned a new to some (Miss Brittany) game called Red Light Green Light. If you have never played before it is so easy. Have your child teach you tonight and play with them :o)
We made a boat out of cut in half paper plates, craft sticks and the children decorated them and cut a sail out of construction paper and glued them on. We also decorated a flag for our floating boats we made for the water table out of a pool noodle. “L” wanted to take our boat building to another level. He wanted 2 plastic bottles, so I followed his lead and he made an Awesome Sail Boat!! We decided we did need to leave the lids on the bottles, because without the lids, the bottles would fill up with water and sink. Expanding children’s play by following their lead… That is what it is all about!!
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Thank You for sharing your Library book with us! And “P” is also reading!!

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