Transportation Used For Work

We read I STINK! and I’M DIRTY! I love these books. They hold the children’s attention, they are funny, well written, I STINK! includes the alphabet, and I’M DIRTY! includes numbers 1-10. We talked about Transportation that people use for work at circle time… Fire Truck, Police Car, Trash Truck, Airplanes, Spaceship, Helicopters, School Bus, Water Patrol, Army Tank, and Tractors were some of the ones the children thought of this morning. We made balloon rockets with a piece of yarn, a straw, packing tape, and a balloon. They LOVED the balloon rockets! We created our own form of transportation out of shapes! We also did more magnet experimenting with magnet wands and cut up pipe cleaners in and out of a bottle. We had a Great Week! Next week we will be talking about Weather. Have a great weekend!
Camdenton PLA Academy 2

Camdenton PLA Academy 3

Camdenton PLA Academy 4

Camdenton PLA Academy





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