Volcanoes and Fossil Dough

We had such a great day! Miss Wendy made us a special Dinosaur Muffin Breakfast, and ate with us! (She also did all of the cleaning up) Thank You so much Miss Wendy! We loved our special breakfast! During Circle Time E and T brought in “dinosaur bones” to share with us. They aren’t really dinosaur bones, but they were Big and Really Cool! We made Fossil dough, and used our big dinosaurs to make dino footprints. They should be dry next week. It is made out of coffee and coffee grounds so our room smells really good! Here is a link to the recipe: http://www.healthbarnusa.com/2013/03/06/diy-kid-activities-coffee-ground-fossils/ We also used our old play dough to create a volcano. They loved taking turns pouring in the vinegar to make it erupt! After the vinegar was gone they wanted to keep experimenting. We tried the rest of our coffee from the fossil dough, mountain dew, water and orange juice. The coffee and mountain dew made it bubble a little, the water did nothing, but the Orange Juice did work! Not as well as vinegar, but there was a small eruption! Super Fun Day!
REMINDER: Book Orders are due today. Please, read and respond to the e-mail I sent yesterday if you would like T-shirts or have any questions about the Easter Party! Next Week our theme is Easter and we will be closed Thursday, Friday, and the following Monday. Thank You! Have a great weekend! Miss Carina :o)DSCN1365











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