Three days is not enough time to do all of the Easter Crafts I wanted to do, but we are doing our best. Today, we had a Pinterest Fail… I was trying to have the kids make these cute yarn balloon eggs http://www.notimeforflashcards.com/2009/03/naptime-creation-caution-fragile.html I think if the yarn was cut longer so they could tuck it under it might have worked, but it was just a sticky mess, and all the yarn fell off! I was determined to find one that would work, so if you would like to try this at home try this site… http://premeditatedleftovers.com/naturally-frugal-living/diy-yarn-easter-eggs/#_a5y_p=1383058. I just made one and we will see if it works. The kiddos did enjoy the sensory experience, so it wasn’t a total fail! We also did some more feet painting, letter matching, “Egg Roll” Painting, and some of the children painted an Easter Egg with Pom-Poms and clothespins. Our Vinegar Egg was all foamy today. Can’t wait for kids to feel it tomorrow!
REMINDER: Easter Party 10:45-11:30, bring a dozen plastic filled eggs per child for our egg hunt. No School Thursday, Friday, and Monday. Thank You!

20140415_102241 (1)






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