Picture Day – Nocturnal Animals

Today was spring picture day. Thank You to Miss Catrina from Remember When Photography for coming in and capturing our sweet little kiddos personalities through pictures :o) Thank You to the parents who made a special trip to town this morning for pictures, I can’t wait to see them! Proofs should be here by Friday, and orders will need to be turned in by Wednesday next week.
This week we will be learning about Nocturnal Animals. These kiddos are so smart. They were able to tell me that Nocturnal Animals sleep during the day and are awake at night. They also were able to name some nocturnal animals. One of our kiddos read our book during Circle Time.
REMINDER: Field Trip on Friday, Permission slips are in cubbies please sign and get back to me as soon as you can. Thank You!
Camdenton Childcare

Camdenton Preschool
Trash Truck Day!

PLA Academy (2)

PLA Academy

Play Learn Achieve Academy (2)

Play Learn Achieve Academy

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