Bats Bats and More Bats!

I am excited to have a class that loves bats as much as I do! They love this song about echolocation you might not want them to know you have the link, because they will ask to watch it again and again and again!! (Thanks Miss Tiffany for the tip) Miss Brittany is still not feeling well, hope she is feeling better by tomorrow so she doesn’t miss our field trip! Miss Bonnie helped us out this morning. She was in charge of our splatter paint bat art, I’m not sure what had more paint on it the papers, the floor, the wall or Miss Bonnie?! They had fun though, and that is all that really matters right, and Miss Bonnie was a good sport! Thanks “L” for being our reader this morning!
REMINDER: Field Trip Tomorrow!! If you haven’t already please return permission slips, and don’t forget to leave a car seat in the morning if you are not able to join us. We will be leaving here by 8:40, breakfast will start at 8:15. The cave is damp and cool, please remember a light jacket and tennis shoes. If you are going with us please read over the information letter I sent home with the permission slips, we will not be able to take anything into the cave with us. Thank You So Much!











2 thoughts on “Bats Bats and More Bats!

  1. That silly song gets stuck in your head after singing it w/them. lol Super fun! I’m so glad they still enjoy it. I miss & love everyone very much. 🙂

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