Fireflies/Lightning Bugs

Whatever you call them, Fireflies or Lightning Bugs they are a lot of fun to catch! Today we made our own lightning bugs in a jar using our fingerprints and glow in the dark paint. We also made a solar oven out of a pizza box… Thank you to our next door neighbor Casey’s for the pizza boxes! We made another batch of s’mores that we will enjoy as an afternoon snack. We finished our morning with a picture starter. A picture starter is when you add something to a sheet of paper and let the children create around it. I have used wiggly eyes, a circle, and a square in the past, today, I glued a single stick. They Loved this project so much! Some of the things they drew were a butterfly, a tree, a kings crown, a flag, and a cross. The tent will be coming down,our campfire and fishing pond will be put away, but it has been a really fun week! Hope it gave your children some fun memories! See you Monday for our Celebrating America Week! REMINDER No School Friday, July 4th.











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