Art Week Comes to an End

Art is a very important part of our day in preschool. We are always creating and exploring… that is the way we learn best. I also like the fact as I look around at all of our art this week that everything is unique and different. It is important to let children be themselves through their artwork. If everyone drew a house in exactly the same way what a boring life we would live. Accept your child’s artwork for what it is. Ask them questions, feel their excitement about the beautiful art they have created. It may look like a blob of paint to you, but to them it is a monster, dinosaur, spaceship…
Today we talked about illustrators of children’s books. Eric Carle is one of my favorite author/illustrators. He makes his pictures out of colored tissue paper. We watched a video, looked at the pictures in a few of his books, and read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We talked about how authors write the story, and illustrators draw the pictures. We then practiced our drawing skills by first telling me what they would like to draw, then drawing it, and when they were finished I had them tell me again what they drew. We had monsters, dinosaurs, dogs, houses and even a nice tornado. We created our own masterpiece on a canvas board, and did a group painting project outside.
Next week is the last week of summer camp… How is that even possible! Our theme is It’s a Small World. REMINDER we will be closed July 28 – August 8 for Summer Vacation and Teacher Work Week to get ready for our new school year starting August 18th. We will be open August 11-15 childcare only. We still have spots available for Fall spread the word!! Have a wonderful weekend!














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