France, England and more “soup” on the playground

We had a special treat for breakfast this morning chocolate croissants, for lunch we had fish and chips and for snack, some of the kiddos this morning (the girls only, but by choice) helped make blueberry scones. We read a book called Say Hello by Rachel Isadora and it teaches children how to say hello in different languages AL SALAAM A’ALAYKUM-(Ahl sah-LAHM ah ah-LAY-koom) Arabic BONJOUR-(Bohn-ZHOOR) French BUENOS DIAS-(BWE-nos DEE-ahs) Spanish CIAO-(CHOW) Italian HOLA-(OH-la) Spanish JAMBO-(JAM-bo) Swahili KONICHIWA-(Koh-NEE-chee-wah) Japanese NI HAO-(NEE how) Mandarin SHALOM-(sha-LOHM) Hebrew. On the playground we made “soup” again! They loved this project so much the first time that I had to do it again. This time we used oranges, limes, lemons, mint and vanilla extract for smell, parsley and dill because that is the only dry herbs we had, and colored water. At the table we painted over a cut out of the Eiffel tower and then pulled it off when it was dry. We also examined our globe one more time and found United States and Missouri, Mexico, Hungary, Africa, Italy, France, and England we pretty much circled the globe this week and it was so much fun!
REMINDER- PLA will be closed for the next 2 weeks for Summer Vacation and Teacher Work Week. We will be having an Open House Thursday, August 7 from 5:00-7:00 for tours, playing, families meeting families, meeting staff, registration, and updating paperwork. Have a great last couple weeks of summer! Thanks for making our first Summer Camps AWESOME!! And a BIG THANK YOU to my daughter Emilea for helping us out and making this summer so much fun! Also my “daughter” Samantha for stopping by every chance she got to play and help! Love you Girls!












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