Staying Safe

Today we talked about how we can stay safe!  I had a parent request that we do a refresher on the subject and I don’t think you can talk about ways to stay safe with kids enough!  Tonight would be a good night to talk about this at home around the dinner table as well, since it will be fresh on their mind.  First of all let me say wow… we have such a smart group of kiddos!  At circle time I asked the children to tell me something you can do to stay safe and here are some of the answers we got.  “Look both ways before crossing the road” “Go downstairs if there is a tornado warning” “Watch out for cars” “Don’t go in big waves and wear a lifejacket” “Stay close to mom” “Put your seatbelt on and don’t hit a car or crash or hit people!” I asked them if they were lost what should they do?  They said find a police man, a security officer, or someone that works at the store.  Great answers I also told them if they couldn’t find one of those people that a mom or dad with kids is always a good choice they are usually very willing to help a lost child.  We also talked about staying in one place and not trying to find you, because you are already looking for them.  The best thing to do is stay where you are if it is a safe spot to stay.  We also talked about if there was an emergency what number should they call and most of them knew 9-1-1 and if your house is on fire get out!  I can tell this subject has been talked about a lot at home.  We also talked about our fingerprints and how no one else in the world has the same fingerprints.  We made our own fingerprints (and some hand prints) and then looked at them through a magnifying glass and compared our fingerprints to our friends.  We also celebrated a Birthday today!  Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing the yummy cupcakes!


DSCN5785 DSCN5788 DSCN5795 DSCN5797 DSCN5809 DSCN5811 DSCN5812 DSCN5817 DSCN5819 DSCN5823 DSCN5826


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