Ten Apples Up On Top

We read my favorite apple book Ten Apples Up On Top!  We had some fun with the camera and stacked 10 apples on all of our friend’s and stuffed friend’s heads!  We counted to 10 over and over again, and even worked on counting by tens to 120.  We played with apples at center time some of them hid the apples and tried to find them, some used them to measure, and others incorporated them into their block play.  The apples will not go to waste tomorrow they will become applesauce. At the tables we drew a picture of ourselves and then added circle stickers to represent apples on our heads.  We also used watercolor paint to make more grandparent art. 

DSCN6180 DSCN6181 DSCN6185 DSCN6189 DSCN6190 DSCN6191 DSCN6192 DSCN6193 DSCN6198 DSCN6200 DSCN6203 DSCN6204 DSCN6207 DSCN6208 DSCN6210 DSCN6213 DSCN6224 DSCN6226 DSCN6233 DSCN6234


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