Applesauce and a Science Experiment

Our song of the week was  A-P-P-L-E  (B-I-N-G-O)

I know a fruit that grows on trees

An apple is its name oh




An apple is its name

The kiddos helped me cut up our apples to make homemade applesauce.  We added a little water, some brown sugar, and a little cinnamon, cooked until soft and put it in the blender.  It was yummy!  The children ate it for lunch today.

We read the book A Busy Year.  It is about how an apple changes throughout the year.   We used the colors of the changing apple tree at the easel to create our own apple tree inspired painting.

Our Science project was Jumping Apple seeds found on the following website.

We didn’t have any lemon juice so we used vinegar.  It worked, but at the end we stopped using the dropper and dumped the rest of the vinegar in and we got an eruption like we do when we make our volcano!  Apple Seeds and vinegar water  went everywhere, but it was fun! If your child smells a little like a pickle tonight you will know why.  Next week we will have our first VIP, our letter of the week will be F and we will be learning about Forest Animals.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Applesauce DSCN6243 DSCN6246 DSCN6247 DSCN6250 DSCN6253 DSCN6255 DSCN6259 DSCN6260

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