Forest – Raccoons

This morning the children wanted to pretend  it was nighttime in the forest.  They got out their flashlights and turned the sound machine on nighttime sounds, and we turned off the lights.  They built a campsite and sat around telling stories with their flashlights.  At circle time we acted out Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We did it 3 times and I think they would have done it all day… we have some wonderful little actors this year.  We also have a couple that have not felt comfortable enough to join in yet, but I am hopeful it will happen soon.   We learned how to make the letter F in sign language, sang our ABC song, and talked about things that begin with the letter F.  We made a raccoon mask today.  Some of the children practiced their cutting skills at center time, and we have forest pictures and paint at the easel as well.  We also got our first return card from a grandparent today!  It is hanging in the hall if you would like to see who it was from.

REMINDER:  Book Orders Due tomorrow!

DSCN6318 DSCN6324 DSCN6353 DSCN6355 DSCN6370 DSCN6371 DSCN6404 DSCN6406 DSCN6407 DSCN6410 DSCN6411 DSCN6415 DSCN6420 DSCN6423 DSCN6427


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