Today we listened to our F song on CD and followed along with the words.  When we were done singing we pointed to all of the F’s we could find.  We practiced our fine motor and listening skills at the table.  We used a marker to first right our name and then draw some tree trunks.  Next we used some fun paintbrushes to add green and we made our own forest… Or our own busy tree as one little boy named his!  We read The Busy Tree again today, this time the children did more of the reading.  We played with the play dough and animals again, and turned off the lights for another round of nighttime in the forest.  I expanded their nighttime forest play by hiding our number cards and puzzle pieces for them to find and put together.  Have a great weekend!


wpid-20140912_103813.jpg wpid-20140912_105906.jpg wpid-20140912_105712.jpg wpid-20140912_110026.jpg wpid-20140912_112744.jpgwpid-20140912_112334.jpg wpid-20140912_094809.jpg wpid-20140912_094220.jpg wpid-20140912_083740.jpg

DSCN6486 DSCN6494 DSCN6498 DSCN6501 DSCN6502


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