Humpty Dumpty

This week our theme is Eggs and our letter is E.  Today we learned the letter E in Sign Language and sang our ABC song.  We listened to and sang our letter E song and then found as many E’s as we could find.  We practiced writing the letter E by taking turns writing it as we left circle time.  In the motor room we made a wall and then did Humpty Dumpty using a real egg… well 3 real eggs because they loved it so much.  At table time the children created their own Humpty Dumpty.

DSCN6529 DSCN6530 DSCN6534 DSCN6543 DSCN6544 DSCN6546 DSCN6576 DSCN6577 DSCN6582 DSCN6586 DSCN6593 DSCN6594 DSCN6603 DSCN6606

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