Happy First Night Of Fall!

Autumn officially begins tonight, and I am so excited!  Autumn is my favorite season!  I love everything pumpkin, the crisp air, the beautiful fall colors, and just about everything else that has to do with Fall!  This week our Theme will be Autumn/Fall and we do not have a letter of the week.  Today we shared our VIP’s Bulletin Board and a few special items she brought from home.  We painted our arm and hand for a special fall tree project, and painted with pumpkins and gourds.  We have added some gourds and pumpkins to the Science Center.  Well… that is where they started and finished, but during center time they were used in the Kitchen Center to make “pumpkin soup.”  The geo-boards were popular today!

wpid-20140922_111542.jpg wpid-20140922_112123.jpg wpid-20140922_101319.jpg wpid-20140922_101456.jpg wpid-20140922_102235.jpg wpid-20140922_102220.jpg wpid-20140922_102210.jpg wpid-20140922_102253.jpgDSCN6835DSCN6842DSCN6843DSCN6844DSCN6850DSCN6855DSCN6857

He loved the magic paint so much from last week he asked if he could do it again.  I shared my secret and he created his own secret message!

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