Painted Fall Trees

Dress-Up Center was the popular area today!  We looked at and talked about the three homework bags that were brought back.  We then added all of the items to baskets and put them in our Science Center.  We painted a tree template with fall paint colors and cotton swaps.  We stacked our plastic apples, Big Emilea holds the record of 4 apples stacked!  Don’t forget, if you haven’t already done so,  to go on a walk with your child and help them look for signs of Autumn and collect some items for their bag.   Our VIP shared her Frozen bag with us, and we got another Grandparent letter!

wpid-20140924_082039.jpg wpid-20140924_1046270.jpg wpid-20140924_104618.jpg wpid-20140924_080600.jpg wpid-20140924_081532.jpg wpid-20140924_101442-1.jpgDSCN6918DSCN6924DSCN6936DSCN6940DSCN6946DSCN6947DSCN6955DSCN6958DSCN6960DSCN6976

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