Paper Bag Fall Trees

We created Fall Trees with brown paper bags, and finished our hand/arm trees we started at the beginning of the week.  I do believe children get more out of process art and I try to do mostly process art, but sometimes product art is just too cute to pass up!  Who doesn’t love cute handprint art!  Process art is when you lay out materials and don’t give children a direction to go.  You let them use their own creativity to create whatever they wish. If every art project looks the same then it was probably more the work of the teacher and not the child, and that isn’t teaching children much.  So, Yes today was all product art, but the children did get some fine motor practice in; they also enjoyed the process and none of them look exactly alike :o)  Here is a link to a handout about Process vs. Product

DSCN6980 DSCN6981 DSCN6986 DSCN6989 DSCN6992 DSCN6998 DSCN6999 DSCN7000 DSCN7003 DSCN7009 DSCN7011 DSCN7013 DSCN7015 DSCN7021

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