This week we are learning about Dinosaurs, and the children are so excited!  Dinosaurs are one of their favorite themes!  Today we read a silly book called Dinosaurs Love Underpants.   We are also learning about the letter D.  At circle time we learned D in sign language and did our ABC song.  We shared 2 more bags of Fall, and shared our VIP’s Bulletin Board and one of his favorite things.  We painted with dinosaurs for table time!  Thank You to our VIP’s daddy for joining us for morning playtime and breakfast!

wpid-20140929_093843.jpg wpid-20140929_081346.jpg wpid-20140929_095748.jpg

wpid-20140929_100536.jpg wpid-20140929_100720.jpg wpid-20140929_102233.jpgwpid-20140929_102506.jpg wpid-20140929_104121.jpg wpid-20140929_112120.jpg wpid-20140929_112245.jpgDSCN7024DSCN7028DSCN7030DSCN7032DSCN7033DSCN7042

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