I am so excited we are welcoming three new friends this week!  Today we got to play with two of our new friends!  Ask your child tonight if they can name something that starts with the letter D.  They are getting so good at naming things that begin with our letter at Circle Time.  They are also getting very good at signing our letter of the week.  Ask them to show you a letter D in Sign Language :o)  Dinosaurs have taken over our classroom!  (Thank You to Tracy and Mason for adding to our Dinosaur Collection)  We took dinosaurs to the playground, and during Table Time I sat out markers, crayons, paper and dinosaurs for the children to create their own dinosaurs.  We created a little dinosaur habitat for the children to play with, and even added dinosaurs to our play dough.  Our book was When Dinosaurs Came with Everything, it is a fun read!

wpid-20140930_110104.jpg DSCN7049 DSCN7062 DSCN7064 DSCN7074 DSCN7076 DSCN7078 DSCN7082 DSCN7114 DSCN7111 DSCN7106 DSCN7103 DSCN7092

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