Trick-or-Treat Field Trip and Halloween Party

What a fun and exciting day!  Thank you so much to all of the moms, dads, and grandmas that were able to join us for our field trip and party!  Thanks for planning the games, crafts, and reading books with us!  We have the most awesome kiddos because we have the most awesome families!  We would not be able to go on field trips without all of your help.  I am so grateful for all of you! Thank you also to all of the employees at the courthouse!! Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!  Don’t forget to Trick-or-Treat at PLA tonight from 5:30-7:30 :o)


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DSCN8117 DSCN8127wpid-20141031_120011.jpg     Mummy Dogs for lunch!

My son and his friend made us a mud kitchen for the playground!  It is so cool and I can’t wait for the kids to play with it!  Thank You David!!



Happy Birthday, Miss Wendy, and thanks for playing with us on your Birthday!  We made Jack-o-lanterns today!  It was so much fun digging all the seeds and pumpkin guts out.  The children drew and I cut out the faces.  They thought they needed a little extra color so they decorated them with markers too.  We decorated another pumpkin with play dough.

REMINDER: Halloween Party and Trick-or-Treat Field Trip tomorrow morning.  Please, bring a bucket or a bag for your child to use trick-or-treating.  I will bring some plastic bags along in case someone forgets.

Add PLA to your trick-or-treat schedule tomorrow night.  We will be handing out candy from 5:30-7:30!

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Making Magic Potions

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Special Guest and Skeletons

Nurse Katie, from the Camden Country Health Department, came in this morning to talk to the children about Halloween Safety.  She also brought an information sheet for parents, a coloring sheet, and a glow necklace for the children to wear on Halloween.  The children were a wonderful audience!  Nurse Katie came in costume, she gave the children  wonderful information and kept them very engaged!  We may even make the local paper!  They took pictures and were sending them to the paper, keep an eye out!

We talked about skeletons today.  Yes, skeletons are something you think about when you think of Halloween, but they are also something all of us have inside our body.  We read a book earlier in the week called Halloween Hustle.  In this book a silly skeleton likes to dance, but he can’t keep himself from falling apart.  He tries rubber bands, twine, and finally some super sticky glue to keep his bones together.  We have bones inside of our body too, and they are very important.  Without our skeleton we would just be a blob on the ground.   We also talked about one way you can see your bones is to get an x-ray.  For art time we made a skeleton by gluing a head and then tearing paper to make the bones of the skeleton, we also made an x-ray by tracing our hand and gluing cotton swabs on the inside to look like the bones in our hand.

Thank You So Much Miss Wendy for playing with us today.  Miss Brittany will be taking a few days off, but she will be back soon!

REMINDER: Trick-or-Treating Field Trip and Halloween Party are Friday.  If you have any questions call, text, or e-mail.

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Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Orange Pumpkin

We have been using the song Miss Mika taught us again this week.  They love it and we have been using the movements that go with it.  Here is a link to Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Orange Pumpkin it is a fun song!  We read my favorite Halloween Book, but it really isn’t a Halloween book more of an autumn/fall book, but it does have a big, orange, scary pumpkin head in it; It is called The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything!  One of our families donated some very cool monster puppets.  The children had fun creating their own monster puppets today.  Thank You So Much for the donation!  We love them.  I also added some superhero capes to our dress-up center.  At table time we made our own pumpkins with brown paper bags, and we mixed red and yellow together to get our orange paint.  I put a pumpkin update on our facebook page today… http://www.facebook/ We have a special visitor coming in tomorrow morning to talk to the children about Halloween Safety.

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We were trying to make it look like we were flying :o)

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Halloween Fun Week

This week is what we have been building up to all month… Halloween!!  We will be learning about the letter R this week.  We learned it in sign language today.

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We celebrated a Birthday!


We made Jack-O-Lantern Art with paper plates, 2 shades of Orange paint with a little glue added, and shapes to make a face on our pumpkin.

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And lots of time to play!  We are loving the warm October weather!!

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Monster Goo

We used the OOBLECK recipe and added wiggly eyes to make monster goo.  Here is the recipe… this is a fun recipe for big people too.  I love to play with this stuff…  It is a solid and then a liquid.  They had so much fun.  We made it and played with it outside and then they even helped me clean up our mess.  Of course what kid doesn’t like to throw bowls and pitchers of water around!  We read Go Away Big Green Monster, such a fun book to reinforce that monsters aren’t real.  Monsters are imaginary and we have the power to make them go away when we want.  We can also bring them back if we want to.  Monster Goo was my only planned activity for the day, but the children can’t get enough of drawing monsters.  They wanted to try and draw the Big Green Monster.

REMINDER: Trick-or-Treat Field Trip and Halloween Party on Friday, October 31st.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Not so scary MoNsTeRs

We are learning a new song that I hope they will perform at the Halloween Party.  It is called “Looking For Dracula!”  We read one of my favorite childhood books the Monster at the end of this Book starring Lovable, Furry Old Grover.   For table time we did Grover inspired art work.  Everyone got the same materials and none of them look exactly alike!  They all got a paper plate, 2 white circles, 2 small black circle stickers, a pile of “fur” (yarn), and a bottle of glue.  In the middle of the table there were black mouth shapes, and blue and pink nose shapes.  They were given the materials and no instructions, it was all about the process.  They are all different and all beautiful!

REMINDER: Our Halloween Party and Trick-or-Treat Field Trip is next Friday, Oct. 31st.  Everyone is invited even if it is not your child’s normal day/time.  Please, return your permission slips ASAP.  Thank You!

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