Dinosaurs were Oviparous

Back to a subject that the children are still talking about Oviparous Animals!   Today, we explored a dinosaur nest on the playground.  The children were very curious about the eggs they found.  They wanted to get them open so bad, but they were pretty hard to crack.  Some of the children tried throwing them down on the ground, some tried a shovel, some tried rocks, we finally discovered the only way was to just use our muscles and pry it open!  During table time the children helped mix up a batch of salt dough to make their own dinosaur egg.  Here is the Salt Dough Recipe we used – http://kids.creativity-portal.com/d/recipes/salt.dough.shtml I doubled it and you can make about 12 dinosaur eggs with it.  I also helped speed up the drying time by using the oven.  Our VIP read his favorite book to us Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, we read his letters from his mom, dad, and brother, and we also shared his adventures with Norman!

wpid-20141001_101151.jpg wpid-20141001_102437.jpgDSCN7137DSCN7142DSCN7150DSCN7153DSCN7156DSCN7158DSCN7159DSCN7160DSCN7174DSCN7178DSCN7180DSCN7189DSCN7190DSCN7197DSCN7207DSCN7213DSCN7215DSCN7224

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