Dinosaur Fossils

Today we made our own dinosaur fossils!  We used a recipe that uses coffee and coffee grounds.  It looks a lot like a rock when it dries and it smells good too!  Here is a link for the recipe if you ever need a good rock or fossil dough http://kidscreativearts.com/?p=1411.  If your child is interested in learning more about fossils I found this great website… http://www.dinosaurjungle.com/dinosaur_facts_fossils.php  We are going to explore it this afternoon!  We wrote in our journals today and found the letter D.

DSCN7256 DSCN7258 DSCN7259 DSCN7263 DSCN7269 DSCN7270 DSCN7272 DSCN7276 DSCN7281 DSCN7284 DSCN7285 DSCN7289 DSCN7291 DSCN7294


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