Fire Safety – Stop, Drop, and Roll

If your clothes catch on fire don’t run, that will make the fire get bigger!  If your clothes catch on fire, drop to the ground, cover your face, and roll back and forth.  The children all practiced stop, drop, and roll today.  We added fire to our block center, and talked about how it is never okay to play with real fire.  We also used different shades of red, yellow, and orange crayons to create our artwork.  Some of the children discovered that you could color with 3, 4, or even 5 crayons at the same time.   Our song of the week is Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Fire Truck but I am warning you, it will get stuck in your head!

REMINDER: We have special visitors coming tomorrow to talk to the children about Fire Safety!  Book Orders are due today!


DSCN7426 DSCN7428 DSCN7430 DSCN7433 DSCN7436 DSCN7441 DSCN7442 DSCN7443 DSCN7444 DSCN7445 DSCN7447 DSCN7451 DSCN7456 DSCN7469 DSCN7472 DSCN7474 DSCN7477 DSCN7478 DSCN7479 DSCN7480 DSCN7482 DSCN7486



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