5 Little Pumpkins

We made our own 5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate picture.  You can find the words by following this link… http://www.dltk-teach.com/minibooks/halloween/felt.htm.  We also made a pumpkin patch like the one from our book yesterday.  Spookley was a square pumpkin and when they planted his seeds what grew was all different shape, sizes, and colors of  pumpkins.  We  had a few more ghost feet to make, played with some black and orange play dough, did some stick songs, and we really enjoyed the beautiful weather!

They found some mud!  Sorry about the muddy socks/shoes/pants but they did have fun!


wpid-20141016_112735.jpg wpid-20141016_112431.jpg wpid-20141016_112354.jpg wpid-20141016_105657.jpg wpid-20141016_105527.jpg wpid-20141016_105326.jpg wpid-20141016_105054.jpg wpid-20141016_082053.jpg wpid-20141016_075922.jpg wpid-20141016_082118.jpg DSCN7693 DSCN7699 DSCN7704 DSCN7709 DSCN7716 DSCN7718 DSCN7720 DSCN7733 DSCN7737 DSCN7739

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