Cotton Ghost and Pumpkin Science

We talked about the lifecycle of a pumpkin, and then did a pumpkin science experiment that I have never tired before.   Here is the link – I can’t wait to see if our pumpkin sprouts!  We made ghost out of cotton balls.

wpid-20141017_083332.jpg wpid-20141017_075322.jpg

Of course the bats should be hanging upside down outside of the sensory table!  I love it when they show me that they remember something we have learned in Preschool!

wpid-20141017_112759.jpg wpid-20141017_112531.jpg wpid-20141017_094936.jpg wpid-20141017_095101.jpg wpid-20141017_093351.jpg wpid-20141017_093354.jpg wpid-20141017_082924.jpgDSCN7766DSCN7767DSCN7770DSCN7771DSCN7775DSCN7779DSCN7780DSCN7783DSCN7784DSCN7792DSCN7795DSCN7798DSCN7802

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