Not so Scary MoNsTeRs

This week our theme is Not so Scary Monsters.  From the moment our calendar turns to October, Halloween is the main topic of discussion.  So we are taking full advantage of the Halloween excitement around here!  Today we made play dough monsters and fed the monster capital alphabet letters.  Follow the link to find out how we made our monster.  It was so simple, and they loved it! This website is a great resource for parents (and preschool teachers) you may want to bookmark it!  Our VIP shared her board, a letter from her family, a book she checked out at the library and pictures from her FL vacation.

I have to share this cute little thing that happened over the weekend.  I got a post on my Facebook wall from a mom whose son graduated last year.  He is now in Kindergarten.  She said they were getting ready for bed when they had this conversation… “Now remember, tomorrow is Monday and how do we feel about Mondays?” He responded, “BLEH!!!” Just like how Miss Carina feels about glitter!!” I love it!  Am I the only preschool teacher that dislikes glitter this much??  It made my heart happy that he still thinks about me… even if it is because of my dislike of glitter! “E” I Hope your Monday wasn’t as bad as glitter!

DSCN7805 DSCN7806 DSCN7810 DSCN7812 DSCN7813 DSCN7820 DSCN7821 DSCN7823 DSCN7826 DSCN7827 DSCN7828


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