Halloween Fun Week

This week is what we have been building up to all month… Halloween!!  We will be learning about the letter R this week.  We learned it in sign language today.

wpid-20141027_100329.jpg wpid-20141027_100321.jpg wpid-20141027_100314.jpg wpid-20141027_100433.jpg

We celebrated a Birthday!


We made Jack-O-Lantern Art with paper plates, 2 shades of Orange paint with a little glue added, and shapes to make a face on our pumpkin.

DSCN7942 DSCN7946 DSCN7949 wpid-20141027_102217.jpg wpid-20141027_102437.jpg wpid-20141027_102223.jpg wpid-20141027_102507.jpg wpid-20141027_102525.jpg

And lots of time to play!  We are loving the warm October weather!!

wpid-20141027_094832.jpg wpid-20141027_074324.jpg wpid-20141027_105604.jpg wpid-20141027_111007.jpg wpid-20141027_111819-1.jpg wpid-20141027_111905.jpg wpid-20141027_112708.jpg

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