Happy Birthday, Miss Wendy, and thanks for playing with us on your Birthday!  We made Jack-o-lanterns today!  It was so much fun digging all the seeds and pumpkin guts out.  The children drew and I cut out the faces.  They thought they needed a little extra color so they decorated them with markers too.  We decorated another pumpkin with play dough.

REMINDER: Halloween Party and Trick-or-Treat Field Trip tomorrow morning.  Please, bring a bucket or a bag for your child to use trick-or-treating.  I will bring some plastic bags along in case someone forgets.

Add PLA to your trick-or-treat schedule tomorrow night.  We will be handing out candy from 5:30-7:30!

DSCN7997 DSCN7998 DSCN8001 DSCN8003 DSCN8005 DSCN8011 DSCN8014 DSCN8021 DSCN8023 DSCN8026 DSCN8030 DSCN8035 wpid-20141030_082809.jpg wpid-20141030_091749-1.jpg wpid-20141030_102219.jpg wpid-20141030_102627-1.jpg wpid-20141030_103031.jpg wpid-20141030_103250.jpg wpid-20141030_113027.jpg wpid-20141030_112146.jpg wpid-20141030_111832.jpg wpid-20141030_111712.jpg

Making Magic Potions

DSCN7994 DSCN7992

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