Building is one of the most popular activities around here!  We have a variety of building materials and blocks, and they get played with on a daily bases.  The magnet blocks are the most popular followed closely by the cardboard brick blocks.  They also love ABC blocks, especially the light up ones! Today, we read I’m Dirty, shared our VIP’s bulletin board, and one of his favorite toys.  We created art with wood shavings, paint, glue, construction paper, and a few other additions the children wanted to use. We painted with a dump truck by rolling it back and forth to a friend.  We also started making our wooden monster trucks!  By the end of the week everyone will help assemble a monster truck of their very own.  A big thank you to the Harms’ Family for donating enough monster truck kits for all the kiddos, and 3 small child sized hammers.  We completed 3 kits this morning and they had so much fun, and felt very proud at what they were able to make!

DSCN8164 DSCN8166 DSCN8170 DSCN8175 DSCN8176 DSCN8181 DSCN8185 DSCN8187 DSCN8195 DSCN8200 DSCN8204 DSCN8205 DSCN8207 DSCN8208 DSCN8214 DSCN8215 DSCN8218 DSCN8223 wpid-20141104_110108.jpg

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