The Three Little Pigs

One of the best construction stories is The Three Little Pigs;  This is a story the children are very familiar with and role play often.  Construction week seemed like the perfect time to incorporate it into our day in a more formal manner.   The children used their own breath to try and blow objects across the room, and they created art using square and triangle stencils (house shapes), brick shaped red felt, straw, and small craft sticks.  Thanks again to Miss Wendy for playing this morning and Miss Britt for staying late so I could go to an appointment.

REMINDER: Book Orders are due November 7

3 little pigs 3 3 little pigs 4 3 little pigs 5 3 little pigs 6 3 little pigs 7 3 little pigs 8 3 little pigs 3 little pigs2 DSCN8234 DSCN8236 DSCN8242 DSCN8243 DSCN8245 DSCN8252 DSCN8254 DSCN8255

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