Not A Box

Today we read one of my favorite books (I know I have a lot of favorites!  I have a little problem when it comes to children’s books) Not A Box.  It shows children that you really don’t have to build anything, all you need is a box and your imagination.  At circle time we made a box, and we practiced our position words.  They were asked to stand in their box, stand out of their box, get above and below their box, and stand on top of their box.  They had so much fun with this activity and most of them had no trouble following directions and knowing where to stand.  We added a real measuring tape and a level to our centers.  We also worked on our wooden monster trucks, we now have 11 out of 12 finished;  One of the coolest projects we have ever done!  Our VIP shared one of his favorite toys and books.  Here is a link to a youtube video of Not A Box we didn’t watch this, but they may enjoy watching it with you at home.

REMINDER: Book Orders are due tomorrow, and don’t forget about the coupons!

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